Tips to Use Cool Letter Openers

Blue Samurai Sword Letter Opener throughout Cool Letter Openers – Paper and Schedule Corner

Having cool letter openers can make your day because aside from having a great design, the letter opener will make your letter opening experience a little bit extraordinary. A letter opener should be simple, usable, and additionally has a great design. Here is all you need to know about a letter opener.

Using the letter opener

Opening the letter will be much easier if you use a letter opener. The letter opener comes with two basic styles, the standard and electronic letter opener. The standard one is a manual letter opener where you have to manually move the blade to cut open the letter. The electronic one is more convenient because you don’t have to put too much effort to open a letter.

To open the letter, simply you just have to pick one envelope at a time, then slide the blade through the top crease. Make sure that you put the sharp part into the crease and not the handle. Take great care when opening the letter because the sharp edge can cut your finger. Once the letter is opened, you just have to retrieve the letter inside after widening the envelope flaps.

Picking the suitable letter opener

There are various letter openers available in stores. Picking the one that meets with your preference should be your priority. When picking a letter opener, you should avoid picking it just be its design. The functionality and the practical value of the letter opener should be put into consideration. For example, if you are causally opening letters in a not-so-regular time, then you can pick the manual one. You can also pick a manual letter with an intricate design. But, if you have to open a bulk of emails each day regularly, then the electronic one should be your pick.

The material of the letter is varied ranging from metal, plastic, wood, or a combination of the mentioned materials. The most important thing is to pick the one that feels comfortable in your hand. It should have a great grip and won’t slide off your hand easily. There are some letter openers that have a hidden razor blade inside the handle. Make sure that the design suits your likings and it can open a letter smoothly and quickly. Once you get several cool letter openers you want, then you should store them at a safe place. You can put it around the place where you need to open and sorting the mail.


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